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"I see him." I thought, "I see that horrible man, but you wouldn't tell from looking at him. His smiles cons his way out of problems he created, his voice speaks nothing but lies and breaking promises, and worst of all are his eyes. Those eyes that shift and turns every which way, always looking, cataloging all the terrible opportunities that come his way."

I tilt my head abit and try to get a better look at my as my mind continued its rant, "how twisted can one mans mind be? To be so kind, so nice, to people then to turn and stalk and break others around him. It's sick how he does it to! He'll bring you in with that lying voice and conning smile, wanting only to be a friend, and quickly he weaves his way into your life. Almost like virus." I smile a bit as I look at him and though he looks back at me with the same smile. I can tell that he is a disgusting creature.

"He's a pitiful thing honestly. When it comes to important things he has a very hard time letting go. The worst part of it is when he loses something, he'll try his damnedest to get it back, and drive whatever he was going for farth and farh away. Pathetic really. Almost like a child more then any man I've seen." His smile soon faded and I finally saw his true eyes. They were filled with sorrow and longing, with a hint rage bubbling underneath. "I hate him, he brings nothing but trouble, he's an idiot, he's nothing but a disgrace to mankind itself and I just wish....."

I wipe the steam from my shower off the mirror, as a glare back into my reflection. My mind still inflamed by thoughts. "I wish could change. I hate this man! I hate him so much. And no matter how much I try to change who I am, I always, without fail make things worse." My glare finally breaks from the mirror as I go out, get dressed, and head out for work.

Hopefully I'll find a new me.
stung1010koth Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Professional Photographer
This is so true to life its frightening.
Spacebreaker123 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Mostly cause this did happen to me today
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December 24, 2012


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